Following My Heart

Today was a good day. Tonight my husband and I had one of those good heart to heart talks. Photography has been my passion since I picked up a camera in high school. I pursued it as my career for 5 years and did very well. My favorites were Newborns, Families, Children & Weddings.

Then in 2012 our circumstances as a family changed, and I wasn’t able to continue doing photography full time like I really wanted too.

Fast forward 6 years – I have been very blessed to be able to do a few photo shoots here and there, while working a job in the ‘real-world’.

So, in comes our little heart to heart tonight. I have been feeling very called to pursue my passions and that if I don’t I’ll regret it down the road. So I’m jumping back in head first and I am so excited for where it is going to take my little family!

I would be honored for you to follow along on this journey!

Stay tuned for some exciting information coming in the next few weeks!!

❤ Samantha


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