One Hundred Dollars

One Hundred Dollars. This is the random act of kindness that was bestowed upon our little munchkin today.

Avrey has been collecting & saving loose change from anywhere he can find it – the couch – clothes from the wash – daddy’s pockets at the end of the day – random parking lot change – ANYWHERE he can find it.

He finally decided that he wanted a police officers costume from Barnes & Nobels. It was $29.99 and he had about double that in his money jar.

So per usual – he knew he had to put 1/2 in the bank, and put aside money aside to give at church on Sunday. And the rest he could spend how he chose.

We took his money jar to the bank and have them turn it into ‘paper money’ as Avrey calls it. While we were there, there was an older gentleman in the line next to us – and he commented on how great it was that we were at the bank and how you have to ‘start them early’ – I couldn’t agree more!

We found out the hard way at this bank doesn’t have a money sorter – so we were going to have to sort the money ourselves. No big deal! The teller at the bank gave us a huge stack of empty money rolls and we stole the reception area table and went to work!


About 1/2 way into sorting the coins into their respective piles, the gentleman that we were speaking to a few moments earlier was getting ready to leave and came over to where we were sitting – he shook Avrey’s hand and told him that he wanted to give him a ‘leg up’ and handed him a One Hundred Dollar Bill! IMG_3261

Avrey immediately got the largest smile on his face (as evidenced above) and he got up and gave the gentleman a very large hug and said thank you what seemed like 50 times! I thanked the gentleman as well. Ask him his name and his was response – y’all just have fun with that!

We proceeded to finish our money rolling & finished at the bank. (putting 1/2 of the $100 in the bank as well!) Then we headed to B&N – Avrey’s eyes got very wide, as it looked as though the police officer’s uniform wasn’t there anymore – but luckily there was one left (what a great day of awesome events)


He just couldn’t wait till we got home to try it out – and we had to make a stop at the library. So if you find yourself in the vicinity of or in the library tonight – and aren’t acting right – expect a ticket  – because they came with the uniform and he’s excited to use them! IMG_3267


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